There’s Nothing Like the Love of a Good Dog

Author Gabriel Zevin once wrote that there are over 300 words for love in canine. Anyone who has ever loved a dog knows just how true this is.

I’ve often asked my loyal sidekick, Rocket, how I could repay him for the love he’s brought to my life. He answers, every time, with a slobbery kiss and a soft nuzzle. 

These last few weeks, I’ve been reminded over and over that dogs love on a whole new level. Three weeks ago, Rocket collapsed in the house. He was conscious, but he couldn’t move. After creating a makeshift cot, we rushed him to the emergency vet. As I held him in the back of the Jeep telling him how much I loved him, he looked up at me and licked away my tears.

In pain, he chose to show love.

As we’ve sat up at night trying to make him comfortable, he’s shown us that what comforts him most is just having us near. Through the home cooked meals, the extra time to help him around the house, and the creative hiding of medicine in “treats,” he matches every step we take with gratitude and admiration.

He finally answered my question. How do you pay back a dog for the love he brings to your life? You become his human. That’s all he wants and all he needs.

There may be 300 words for love in canine, but in English we can sum it up in two… GOOD DOG.

      1. Miss Ivy… anybody who doesn’t know Dog language is NO friend of mine. My former GSP buddy was diagnosed with cancer 4 years before he crossed over. At diagnosis I asked vet how long I had him. His guess was 3-4 months. That night I had convo with my Brodie dog. Told him I’d NEVER keep him living longer than his body wanted to be here. Then THE deal was created. Between he and I… “Bud please, not yet. BUT when it’s time you let me know…” I talk dog too. 4 years later he let me know. The next couple days were rough, but I kept my promise and helped him cross over the the Rainbow Bridge. I miss that beast.

        1. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with Brodie. We are so blessed to have the love of a good dog. I made a similar promise to Rocket. Neither of us were ready, but his body was. I do feel him around me. I’ve been telling him the truth is that forever wouldn’t have been long enough and thanking him for still being by my side and helping me through this. He’s loving even higher than he already did. I hope you feel Brodie around you too.

  1. Love Unscripted Life Ivy. Thank you for sharing. The inner shifts you experienced with Rocket stirred the love already in your big heart. Living from this place you and he met, you smile and carry him along. With love, Bob

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, Bob. Thank you for this very sweet insight. My spirit animal is continuing to guide me. I definitely feel him here with me.

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