The Type of World We Live In

Long before I learned about the law of attraction, I was starting to understand that the world becomes what you expect it to be.

“The way we choose to see the world creates the world we see.” – Barry Neil Kaufman

Long before I learned about the law of attraction, I understood that the world becomes what you expect it to be.

My understanding began when I was working as a journalist in the breaking news and police beats. I spent my days covering crime, accidents, natural disasters, and all around bad news. After less than a year in this position, I woke up each morning believing the world was a pretty terrible place.

In hindsight, it’s not surprising. I was immersed in the pain and suffering happening around me. It was all darkness. I questioned the point of it all. Did I really want to be in a world like this?

Something had to change and quickly. I could see the dark road I was heading down. So, I decided to challenge myself: find three good stories for every one bad that I had to cover. It was tough at first, but before long I was reminded of the brightness filling this world.

Recently, I’ve found myself checking in on the daily news cycle more than usual. It doesn’t take long before the undercurrent of the negative news ocean begins to drag you down. There’s some heavy stuff happening in the world…

But there’s a whole lot of amazing happening too.

It’s time to focus on the AMAZING with the very first installment of…

[insert drumroll here]

The Type World We Live In!

In this series, I will answer the question “What type of world do we live in?”

Let’s get started!

We live in the type of world where our furriest companions show us, through their example, that the power of love brings us all together… even when it seems we have nothing in common.

Just one example of why dog is GOD spelled backward. 💖

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