The One Where Ivy Pretends To Be a Poet

“Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.”
— Carl Sandburg

I often look for quotes to use as inspiration, especially when I’m getting into my writing space. The quote above, by American poet Carl Sandburg, instantly caught my attention.

I couldn’t wait to share it. But as I typed the words, I started to question if it was smart to quote a real poet in a blog post where I’m pretending to be one.

But the words were too hauntingly beautiful to not share.

That’s the power of good poetry, isn’t it?

As you can probably guess from today’s title, I attempted to write a poem for one of my creative practices. It’s definitely not a Carl Sandburg quality poem, so turn down the expectations a lot.

Before I share the poem, how about an update? This will put a little space between the mastery of words shared above and my juvenile attempt below.

I’m happy to report that I’m 10 days into my creativity challenge, and I have not missed a single day. Carving out time to be creative is getting easier. I’m starting to look forward to this time. I’m also starting to see increased creative flow during my 9-to-5 job.

Today’s attempt at poetry… please enjoy.


Do you know the beauty that we see
when you spread your wings and fly from the tree?
The colors you wear, they sparkle and gleam,
But did you notice when you woke from your chrysalis dream?

From the mess and muck, you broke through and now live,
A new version of you to the world you now give.

Did you know you’d fly when you were stuck in the ooze,
Or did you think this is it, I surrender, I lose.
When you woke and saw walls, did you want to give in,
Or was there just enough light to know how to begin?

How long did it take to push and breakthrough,
and finally realize you’re a new version of you?

Can you see all the elegance, the style, and the grace
that now lives because of the mess you embraced?
The power, the triumph, the story you tell
is one of true beauty arising from hell.

You shattered, broke down, became a puddle of goo,
then rose and made your whole life brand new.

What a lesson you teach to all those who will hear,
even the darkest moment is nothing to fear.
For without the mess, your wings wouldn’t unwind,
so you could be you and learn to fly high.

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